Cocktails and Physics

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    29-31 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EG
    Couch, Sheffield
    5.00 pm - 7.45 pm

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Join us for a relaxing Sunday evening in a cosy bar in Sheffield and let three physicists and a comedian take you into the ghostly world of neutrinos and cosmic explosions


Sit back and sip a cocktail or two (or other drink of your choice!) as Dr Matthew Malek introduces the antics of the fascinating, mind-bogglingly small particle, the neutrino. The behaviour of neutrinos may eventually explain some of the great unsolved mysteries in physics, so physicists love sharing stories about them.

Jost Migenda and Heloise F. Stevance will then take us deeper into the subject, explaining the physics behind supernovae, the catastrophic explosions of large dying stars, and what the detection of neutrinos from supernovae can teach us.

To help keep things light, the fabulously lovely comedian Rik Moore will be our compere for the evening.

Who is Cocktails and Physics for?

Cocktails and Physics is designed to be a good evening out. The talks are for people with no physics background as well as those who know a little about the subject. Bring yourself, or come with friends and partners.


The beautiful, Couch, 29-31 Campo Lane, Sheffield (city centre), S1 2EG


Doors open at 5.00pm (for a 5.30pm start) to 7.45pm


£7.50. Includes physics talks, buffet food and a cocktail making demo. Cocktails will be available to buy


Please contact us if you have questions about access to the venue or if you have special dietary requirements. 18+